Water Quality

Washington Water's goal is to provide a safe and reliable drinking water supply for our customers every day. Federal and state drinking water rules require that we sample, test and treat (when necessary) for over 100 regulated and unregulated contaminants that can be found in water. Every month, our certified operators collect hundreds of water samples from our systems which are located throughout eight counties in western Washington. These samples are tested by our independent, third-party, EPA-certified drinking water lab located in Port Orchard, WA. If any contaminants are detected, they are listed in the system's annual water quality report. However, most of the contaminants we test for are not detected, so they are not shown in the report.

Learn about your system's water quality, and about water quality in general, in the information provided below. If you have any questions or concerns about your water quality, please contact our Customer Service Center.

Answers to many water quality-related questions can be found in the FAQs & Resources section.