Ranch Acres: Upcoming Water Quality Treatment

On Thursday, August 13, 2020, our crew will be in the area to conduct water quality treatment for the Ranch Acre water system. This super-chlorination process, conducted in consultation with the Department of Health, involves introducing a higher concentration of chlorine into the entire distribution system, letting it sit for one hour, and then flushing it out of the system. In advance of this work, our staff will temporarily shut off the water service for each customer. This is to prevent this higher-chlorinated water from entering your home. Crews will begin shutting off services at 9:00 a.m. and expect to have water service restored by 6:00 p.m.

Since the tie-in of the new water main in May, we have been working to eliminate total coliform bacteria with temporary chlorination; however, any time the chlorination was stopped and follow-up water samples were tested, the coliform bacteria reappeared. Total coliform itself is not harmful; rather, it is an indication of another potential issue within the water system. Please be assured that all other water quality test results have been normal.

Before your water service is turned off, you may wish to fill a few sanitary containers and pitchers with water for drinking purposes. We are also providing each home with a case of bottled water for your convenience. Filling a bucket or your bathtub with water can also be useful for household purposes such as toilet flushing.

After water service has been restored to your home, but before using water inside, please run your outside faucet until the water is clear. This is to prevent any discolored water from entering your faucets and fixtures and to evacuate air from your service line.

Once this work is complete and additional samples are collected, the temporary chlorination equipment will be placed back in service for the weekend to ensure your water is safe to use and drink. On Monday, temporary chlorination will be turned off again, the system flushed, and additional samples collected. We will continue to test water quality samples at an increased frequency to confirm that the coliform remains absent.

Protecting your health and safety is our highest priority. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we remedy this water quality issue. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call our Customer Center at (877) 408-4060, or use the Contact Us form.