COVID-19: Our Essential Employees Are Working Hard to Provide Uninterrupted Supply

Water systems are considered to be critical infrastructure, and our essential workers are still out every day making sure our customers continue to have a reliable supply of safe, high-quality water. On this page, we’ll begin introducing some of these team members who work to keep your water safe for drinking, cooking, and yes — handwashing. Check back soon as we introduce more employees.

Greg M.

Greg M. at workMeet Operator Greg M., who — no matter the time or day — is there to fix a double service water leak! At Washington Water, Reliability Runs Deep — but during this time, Greg is digging even deeper for his community. Check out this picture of the action!

Thank you to our essential workers!

Thank you to our essential workers who are continuing to deliver the high-quality water and reliable water service that we all depend on. Whether it’s washing your hands, washing your clothes or feeding your family, our workers deliver the water that keeps us going every single day.

At Washington Water Service Reliability Runs Deep — but during this time, our essential workers are digging even deeper for the communities they serve.

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