Sea Cliff and Peacock Hill System Consolidation

Pierce and Kitsap County Sea Cliff and Peacock Hill system consolidation constructionIn 2018, we began a project to improve system reliability and infrastructure resiliency of both the Peacock Hill and Sea Cliff Estates Water Systems. This multi-phase improvement project consisted of a new water main and the replacement of two pump stations. These improvements also enable the systems to be consolidated, which means the systems are now physically connected and will be operated as one continuous system. The result for customers is a significant increase in water system reliability, both for customers’ everyday needs and to ensure sufficient water pressure and fire flow during power outages.

The first phase of the project consisted of a new water main to connect the two systems. Along 160th Street NW in Gig Harbor, more than 1,700 feet of 8″ water main was installed, along with a new fire hydrant. Additionally, several valves were installed to assist in isolating the system, when needed, to reduce the number of residents impacted by any planned and emergency shutdowns.

The second phase of the project included constructing two new pump stations. The old stations were at the end of their service life and in need of replacement. The booster pumps were sized to serve the combined zone of both Peacock Hill and Sea Cliff Estates. The stations now pump water into a storage tank, which will maintain system pressure, instead of the previous configuration that relied on the pneumatic tanks to pressurize the system.

We will work to make the consolidation as seamless as possible, and continue to read meters and issue billing cycles as previously established. One change customers in the Sea Cliff Estates Water System will notice a change on their bill, as the system will now read “Peacock Hill Water System.”

At Washington Water, we are committed to providing our customers with a reliable supply of high-quality water. We are pleased to complete this important project, which improves the capacity and reliability of the water systems for customers and provides enhanced fire protection to ensure firefighters can protect the community during an emergency. If you have any questions or we can be of further assistance, please contact our Customer Center in Gig Harbor toll-free at (877) 408-4060 or through the Contact Us page.

Pierce and Kitsap County Sea Cliff and Peacock Hill system consolidation equipment