Chateau Woods Storage and Booster Improvements

Location: 86th Ave. E and 242nd Street E

Current status: Completed September 2021

Chateau storage facilities consist of a 37,000 gallon partially buried horizontal steel tank. The tank will be temporarily relocated to allow for construction of a new concrete foundation. The tank will then undergo inspection, repair and spot coating as necessary and finally secured to the new foundation and placed back into service. While the station is offline, additional improvements will take place in the pump house to replace pumping facilities.

To take the station offline for construction, a normally closed valve will be opened to supply the area from the Southwood Water System. Customers will experience a slight increase in pressure during this time. All domestic and fire suppression service is expected to continue without interruption.

The work is being performed Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM. If necessary, traffic control will be implemented to allow crews to safely work in the area. Emergency vehicle access will be provided throughout all phases of construction. Should any service interruption be expected during the project, notices will be hand delivered to affected customers.