Water System Plans

Washington Water shares the mission of the Department of Health (DOH) Office of Drinking Water to work with others to protect the health of the people of Washington State by ensuring safe and reliable drinking water. The principal goal of water system planning is to identify current demands and future needs and apply available resources most efficiently in order to provide high-quality service at the lowest cost while protecting the community’s health. Planning is a cornerstone of water system capacity. Water systems with strong technical, managerial, and financial capacity are well positioned to provide efficient, high-quality service now and into the future.

All public water systems must develop and implement a technical, managerial, and financial plan appropriate to the system’s size, complexity, and performance; expected demographic changes; community-specific resource constraints; and planning history (see WAC 246- 290-100 and 105). DOH’s Water System Planning Guidebook DOH 331-068 is a published reference to assist in the preparation of a Water System Plan (WSP) to satisfy planning requirements outlined in WAC 246-290-100.

Specific Water System Plans

Sunshine Acres
Status: DOH review

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