Look for Leaks

Dripping faucetLeaks can be sneaky, and even small leaks can quickly turn into big headaches. If left undetected for too long, they can be a major source of water waste and even drive up your water bill. Your home may be a victim to undetected indoor or outdoor leaks without your knowing, so it’s essential to look for them regularly.

While Washington Water fixes leaks in the water system leading up to your meter, it’s important for customers to identify and repair leaks leading from the meter to your home. We know it can be hard to locate some leaks, because they can occur in pipes, faucets, toilets, hoses, sprinkler systems, sprinkler timers, water softeners, and water filtration units, which you don’t always see. Don’t worry; Washington Water is here to help!

The information below can help you look for leaks, both indoors and outdoors, so you can continue to save water every day.