Residential Rebates

To apply for any of the below rebates, complete the Residential Rebate Application PDF and return it by mail.

High-efficiency toilet rebate (MaP Premium Models)

Amount: Up to $50
Eligible Devices: High-efficiency toilet device list PDF

In addition to meeting the rigorous performance standards of WaterSense labeled toilets, MaP premium toilets must use 1.1 gallons per flush or less and meet a minimum MaP threshold of 600 grams of waste removed from the toilet fixture in a single flush.

High-efficiency clothes washer rebate

Amount: Up to $150
Eligible Devices: High-efficiency clothes washer device list PDF

High-efficiency clothes washers use 35-50% less water and approximately 50% less energy than traditional washers. See the rebate application for additional restrictions and qualifications.

Smart irrigation controller rebate

Amount: Up to $125
Eligible Devices: Smart irrigation controller device list PDF

Smart irrigation controllers automatically adjust their watering schedule in response to changing weather conditions. See the rebate application for restrictions and qualifications.

High-efficiency sprinkler nozzle rebate

Amount: Up to $5 per nozzle
Eligible Devices: High-efficiency sprinkler nozzle device list PDF

High-efficiency sprinkler nozzles save water by applying water more slowly and uniformly, minimizing run-off. See the rebate application for additional restrictions and qualifications.