Eustis Hunt Mainline Replacement Construction

Location: Eustis Hunt Rd. Spanaway, between 204th St. and 78th Ave. Ct. E

Current status: Completed July 2022

RS Underground Construction will be replacing 2,500 linear feet of water main in Eustis Hunt Rd. beginning July 28, 2022. The work will start at the west entrance of Liberty Middle School and progress southbound along the eastern shoulder of Eustis Hunt Rd. to the 78th Ave. Ct. E intersection. Numerous leaks have occurred over the years in this section of Southwood’s distribution system. Mainline and service replacements are intended to prevent leaks from occurring in the future and minimize distribution water loss. Additionally, the main will be upsized to a 12-inch diameter pipe increasing fire flow and transmissivity in the north-south direction of the system.

To construct the initial and final tie-ins, water service interruption is anticipated. Notices will be issued to those affected in advance of the outage.

The work will be performed Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Traffic control will be implemented to allow crews to safely work in the area. Emergency vehicle access will be provided throughout all phases of construction; however, residents should plan for extra time and pay attention to where crews are working to allow safe access into and out of driveways and intersections. Please avoid the work area when possible.