How do I read my water bill?

Here are detailed instructions on how to understand your new bill, as well as some key features:

  • Easy-to-read account summary
  • Usage history graph to help you keep track of your consumption
  • Detailed description of your charges
  • A place for us to include important messages about your water service
  • Meter information, including the dates your meter is read

A sample bill is below

Sample water bill

1 Account number: You will be assigned a 10-digit account number
2 Billing date: Date your bill was printed
3 Contact information: Your local Washington Water Customer Center
4 Customer messages: Where important messages will appear
5 Summary: Your account billing and payment information
6 Current charges: Amount due from current billing period
7 Prior balance: Previous balance; includes any unpaid balance; due upon receipt
8 Payment received: Payments applied to your account since your last bill
9 Total amount due: Amount that you owe, including any unpaid previous balance (all bills due upon receipt and past due after 21 days)
10 Water services detail: Graph of your consumption history for the past 13 months
11 Summary: Overview of your current bill, including the amount due
12 Automatic Payment Service: Instructions for signing up to have your bill automatically paid each month from your checking account
13 Portion of bill to return with your payment: Unless enrolled in automatic or online payments
14 Billing address: Address to which your bill is sent (this may be different than the service address)
15 Payment mailing address: Mailing address for your payment and remit slip