Jensen Receives Commitment to Excellence Award

Jensen and coworkers with awardOperations Manager James (Jimmy) Jensen of Washington Water was presented with the Drinking Water Week Commitment to Excellence award by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) in a ceremony last week.

Drinking Water Week is an annual initiative of the American Water Works Association. The Drinking Water Week Commitment to Excellence award is given to an individual water system or operator each year by the DOH for exceptional efforts to provide safe and reliable water service to customers.

Jensen was recognized for always looking at new ways to improve the water system. He created new monitoring schedules and found methods to evaluate and improve source water and distribution processes to better serve his customers and always ensure high-quality water, according to the agency.

“Jimmy is an exemplary employee—he doesn’t accept the status quo and always strives to achieve a new level of excellence for our customers,” said Matt Brown, General Manager of Washington Water. “I am proud of the example Jimmy sets for his colleagues and other water operators in the area to always provide quality, service, and value.”