Helping Residents With Past-Due Bills

Washington Water announced today that it has partnered with Promise to offer residential customers customizable, interest-free PromisePay payment plans for past-due water bills. These payment plans offer even more flexibility beyond Washington Water’s other payment plans, all of which enable customers with past-due accounts to avoid interruptions in water service. Promise began its partnership with California Water Services, and now has expanded its partnership with the company to serve two of its subsidiaries in Washington Water and New Mexico Water.

Washington Water residential customers with a past-due balance of $50 or more can now access the PromisePay online system at Customers without internet access can call their local Washington Water office to set up a plan by phone. Promise’s payment plans are private and easy to set up, and enable customers to structure their plans to best suit their needs.

The portal enables residential customers to select from various payment plan options, set up automatic payments, and provide contact information for payment reminders and other notifications through text messaging. Both residential property owners and tenants with a Washington Water account are eligible for the program.

“Our goal is to ensure that all of our customers have access to reliable, safe, clean, and affordable water service,” said Matt Brown, Washington Water General Manager. “That is why we offer customer assistance programs and continue to seek out new opportunities like PromisePay to make water bills easier to manage. We saw the success that our parent company, Cal Water, had with PromisePay in California and we believe expanding our partnership with Promise will make a meaningful difference for those who are struggling and enable those reluctant to ask for help to get control of their bills privately.”

“We’re pleased to expand our partnership with Cal Water to serve their Washington Water customers and to make sure that their residential customers continue to have access to high-quality water service,” said Promise Founder and CEO Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins. “Through our expanded partnership, we will support the financial empowerment of residents from communities throughout Washington Water’s service area by offering them flexible, accessible, and affordable options to get caught up on their water bills.”

The PromisePay portal provides a comprehensive payment platform, which includes:

  • Options to enroll and set up payment plans online, by mobile phone, or via call center
  • Convenient payment types (credit/debit card, ACH, Apple Pay, and Google Pay)
  • Text reminders and notifications
  • Payment flexibility and plan management, with options to request a one-time due-date extension, modify due dates, and change payment methods

To learn more about the program and enroll, visit:

About Promise

Promise simplifies debt and helps people pay their bills. They partner with utilities and government agencies to offer a variety of convenient and flexible payment options, including zero-interest installment plans and relief distribution. Promise uses sophisticated outreach methods that make it easy for customers to sign up and manage their debt. Ultimately, Promise’s technology maximizes government revenue while helping customers pay off debt sooner and with fewer penalties. To learn more about Promise, please visit: