Free Conservation Kit, Rebates Offered by Washington Water Service

Watering a plant using a hose nozzleAn increasing need for water conservation has intensified after Washington’s Department of Ecology declared a drought emergency for nearly the whole state in April. To help save water every day, Washington Water is now offering customers a free conservation kit and rebates on water-efficient indoor appliances and outdoor fixtures. Washington residents can take these simple steps that will save water and, ultimately, help improve water supply resilience.

"Washington Water is here to help our customers save water every day," said Matt Brown, General Manager. "By offering these new conservation resources, we are aiming to help our customers make those small changes that lead to big results."

Washington Water customers can request a free conservation kit online. Each kit includes items that can help the average family save thousands of gallons of water each month, including two high-efficiency showerheads. The kit also includes:

  • Two high-efficiency bathroom faucet aerators
  • One high-efficiency kitchen faucet aerator
  • One garden hose nozzle with shutoff valve
  • Toilet leak detection tablets

A leaky toilet is one of the most common indoor leaks and is also one of the easiest to identify. Using the leak detection tablets, customers can determine if their toilet is sending water down the drain between flushes.

Additionally, if it is time to update that toilet, Washington Water customers may be eligible for up to a $50 rebate on an approved high-efficiency model. A toilet made before 1993 can use anywhere from 3.5 to 7 gallons of water per flush, while a modern, WaterSense-labeled toilet uses about one gallon per flush.

Older clothes washer models can be another water-wasting culprit. Customers could also be eligible for up to a $150 rebate on an approved high-efficiency clothes washer.

Outside is another great opportunity to be water-wise. High-efficiency sprinkler nozzles apply water more slowly and uniformly, minimizing runoff. Customers can receive up to a $5 rebate per upgraded nozzle. Better yet is switching to a smart irrigation controller, which can be programmed to water at specific times and automatically adjusts to weather conditions. Customers can receive up to a $125 rebate on eligible smart controllers.

Washington Water also has commercial rebates available for toilets, urinals, and irrigation equipment. To learn more about all of these rebates, visit the Conservation Rebates page.